Who's Who in California's Cannabis Business

A Linked List of the Most Influential People
in California's Cannabis Industry

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Agriculture & Services

Tim Blake
Founder and Producer
The Emerald Cup LLC
Ed Rosenthal
Guru of Ganja
Author & Commercial Grower Consultant
Kristin Nevedal
Director, Humboldt's Finest
Co-founder of EGA
Hezekiah Allen
Executive Director
California Growers Association
Sam Edwards
Sonoma Cannabis Company
Karl Witt
Director and Founder
Eden Farms
Ian Davidson
Managing Partner
Biologic Crop Solutions, LLC
Colum Riley
Malibu Compost
Thomas Alexander
One of
The Three Amigos of Cannabis
Kevin Jodrey
Wonderland Nursery
Brian Malin
Vital Garden Supply
John Anderson
Xtreme Gardening
Samuel Deyton
Co-founder & Certified Master Soil Consultant
Soilscape Solutions
Dan Mar
Owner & Landscape Designer
High Tide Permaculture
Nick Mahmood
Owner, founder and farmer
Green Source Gardens
Jonathan Valdman
Owner, Forever Flowering Greenhouses
Co-Founder, The Cannabis Conservancy
April Crittenden
Dani Burkhart
Founder and Consultant
Emerald Heritage Farms
Daniel Grace
Dark Heart Nursery
Hollie Hall
Watershed Resources Consulting
Hollie Hall & Associates
Lawrence Ringo
SoHum Seeds
Leo Stone
CEO and Co-Chief Breeder
Aficionado Seeds Inc.

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The CA-Cannabis List is published by Brian Webster,
a strategic services consultant based in San Francisco.

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